Randy Bachman

Here’s what’s on Randy’s Vinyl Tap for March 05/06


On this edition of Vinyl Tap Randy Bachman departs from the predictable path of the vinyl highway with a little exploration of time travel. But don’t panic… there is no need to fear a disruption of the time and space continuum. This journey takes us for a peak at some of the different time signatures used in pop music. The time signature describes how many beats there are in a bar of music… straight ahead four beats to the bar or the famous waltz time with three beats to a bar or maybe a tick tock time with two beats. It tells the performer what the rhythmic feel of the music should be. And there can be all kinds of variations as you will hear from artists including The Chambers Brothers, The Beatles, Dave Brubeck, Blondie, Cream, The Allman Brothers, Jackie DeShannon and many more.
So put your hands together, try to clap to the rhythm and be sure to tune in to the Tap.


Here’s what’s on Randy’s Vinyl Tap for March 05/06