Randy Bachman

Here’s what’s on Randy’s Vinyl Tap for March 26/27


This week on Vinyl Tap Randy Bachman concludes his look at the genesis of one of pop’s super-groups… Genesis.
The original trio at the core of the group began making melodic pop recordings in the late 1960s. By the mid-1970s they were exploring long form music-making which helped launch them as one of the best-known progressive rock bands. Through the 1980s Genesis cemented its reputation as smooth pop-rock hit-making machine. They went on to sell nearly a hundred and fifty million records.
And then there were the solo careers…Phil Collins sold nearly 100 million records, Peter Gabriel sold 25 million, Mike Rutherford sold millions… super sales and no denying super-group status.
The playlist this week includes some of the biggest hits by Genesis as well as songs from each of the members who pursued solo careers.
If you feel you are living in a land of confusion, don’t give up because there is something on the air tonight… just be sure to tune in to the Tap.


Here’s what’s on Randy’s Vinyl Tap for March 26/27