Randy Bachman

Here's what's on Vinyl Tap for July 08/09 2017


On this week’s encore edition of Vinyl Tap the exploration of the boogie woogie style begins as Randy Bachman plays tunes with that crazy boogie beat.
There’s no doubt that the style is old. Music commentators have even noted boogie woogie characteristics in Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #32. But is it hard to pin down the actual origin. Most music historians agree that the form first appeared in the Piney Woods of Texas about 1870. The first boogie woogie hit was a song called “Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie” recorded in 1928.
Ever since then, the driving rhythm has been filling dance floors from ballrooms to back alley clubs.
The playlist this week features Kool and the Gang, Michael Kaeshammer, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Dorsey, Ry Cooder, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Bill Haley, ZZ Top and many more.
So remember… “don’t try to lay no boojee woojee on the king of rock and roll” but be sure to tune in to the Tap.


Here's what's on Vinyl Tap for July 08/09 2017