Randy Bachman

Randy’s Vinyl Tap for April 02/03 2016


On this edition of Vinyl Tap Randy Bachman is strapping in the car seats for the ride down the vinyl highway…. because he has put together a whole playlist of songs that kids like.
And while there is no doubt the tunes will be kid friendly, grown-ups will enjoy them too. There is no sign of Charlotte Diamond or Raffi… no wheels on this bus and no teensy weensy spiders to worry about.
Just a whole bunch of songs that even though they were not written or recorded for kids, kids like them anyway.
Vinyl Tap listeners have helped once again with their suggestions and the kid-friendly playlist includes Katy Perry, Tommy James, The Coasters, Wilson Pickett, Bill Withers, Johnny Cash, Avril Lavigne, Queen, Katrina and the Waves and many more.
For a wild ride that will include visits to an octopus’s garden, a blue moon, and a walk on sunshine be sure to tune in to the Tap.


Randy’s Vinyl Tap for April 02/03 2016