Randy Bachman

Bob's Garage / Live

Released: 1993

Released 1993. Five of Randy's biggest hit songs recorded live off the floor. "This disc is issued in response to the fans who have seen our show and asked if they could take some of the music home..." Says Randy in the liner notes of this CD. "I had requests during the few years when I was playing on the road and plugging my album "Any Road," for copies of the way my band was performing these songs live. I remembered that we'd recorded them for a radio show in Seattle. Bob Rivers, a DJ at KISW had a Trident 24-track board in his garage and when bands came through town, he'd record them live with no overdubs. I called him and asked if we could use the recordings to put on a CD and he generously said yes. Hope you enjoy this CD. We enjoyed jammin' it out."


1. No Time
2. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
3. No Sugar Tonight

4. Takin' Care Of Business
5. American Woman

Bob's Garage / Live