Bachman-Turner Overdrive

BTO Gold

Released: 2005

Bachman-Turner Overdrive Gold is a compilation album by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. It was released in 2005 by Mercury Records.


1. Gimme Your Money Please
2. Hold Back The Water
3. Blue Collar
4. Little Gandy Dancer
5. Stayed Awake All Night
6. Don't Get Yourself In Trouble
7. Thank You For The Feelin'
8. Takin' Care Of Business
9. Give It Time
10. Welcome Home
11. Let It Ride
12. You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet
13. Not Fragile
14. Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song
15. Roll On Down The Highway
16. Free Wheelin
17. Blue Moanin'
18. Four Wheel Drive

19. Hey You
20. Flat Broke Love
21. She's Keepin Time
22. Quick Change Artist
23. Don't Let The Blues Get You Down
24. Find Out About Love
25. It's Pver
26. Take It Like A Man
27. Lookin' Out For #1
28. Away From Home
29. Down To The Line
30. Life Still Goes On (I'm Lonely)
31. Shotgun Rider
32. My Wheels Won't Turn
33. Down, Down
34. Down The Road
35. Heartaches

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