Randy Bachman

Jazzthing II

Released: 2007

JazzThing II presents a compelling combination of four different guitar voices: Randy Bachman and the formidable guitarists of New Guitar Summit join forces on this live-off-the-floor recording. The great Duke Robillard, Jay Geils, Gerry Beaudoin and Randy Bachman are each legendary guitarists in their own rights - through their interplay on this CD you hear the range of character the guitar can take on as each of them takes turn soloing in their unique and undeniable style. The CD features some great old jazz standards, a couple of Randy Bachman original tunes and sublime covers of the classic rock songs Runaway and Randy's signature tune Takin' Care of Business. Over 45 minutes of guitar greatness.


1. Exactly Like You
2. Everybody's Cryin' Mercy
3. Two Trains Runnin'
4. Closing Time

5. Runaway
6. Your Mind Is On Vacation
7. Takin' Care of Business

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Jazzthing II